Are you coming to Barcelona again? 3 places to visit near Barcelonaelona

If you have already visited Barcelona you will know that it is a city that makes you fall in love with it, that attracts you, that hooks you from the very first hour. That’s why it’s often very difficult to come to the Catalan capital and not go back to explore its streets, but there are still incredible places to discover that you didn’t know about. And it is precisely for that reason that we want to recommend you today 3 places to visit near Barcelona, because, although we know that you are looking forward to visiting the Sagrada Familia or sunbathing in Barceloneta, these incredible places will also win your heart. Sigue leyendo y descubre los lugares más misteriosos y mágicos cerca de Barcelona que te enamorarán.

Montserrat, a place full of art

The famous mountain of Montserrat is located about 50 kilometres from Barcelona and is a popular excursion for visitors who have already fallen at the feet of the Catalan capital and now want something different, but along the same lines as Barcelona..

At the top of the mountain is the Monastery of Montserrat, a place of pilgrimage and home to the Virgin Moreneta, a sculpture venerated by the Catalans and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Undoubtedly, a work of art in every sense of the word that you can’t miss.

Sitges, a paradisiacal getaway

We don’t need to tell you anything about the famous Sitges Film Festival, do we? This is one of the most renowned film events in Europe, in fact, it is the cultural event with the greatest media impact in Catalonia, but not only that, Sitges has also become a charming seaside town located some 40 kilometres south of the Catalan capital. Barcelona where you have to go if you have time and want to investigate a little more about the culture and gastronomy of the community.

Known for its beaches, its historic centre and its cultural festivals, Sitges is a perfect place for a day trip from Barcelona, whether as a couple, with friends or with the family, and is one of the most recommended options for places to visit near Barcelona.

Girona, for lovers of medieval history

Girona is a historic city located about 100 kilometres north of Barcelona. Its old town, with its cobbled streets and medieval buildings, is a marvel for history lovers, especially medieval history. Girona is also famous for its gastronomy and its cultural festivals, such as the famous Girona Film Festival. A place to visit near Barcelona for more lovers of history and good cinema.

If you come to Barcelona again, you should definitely visit these three places near the Catalan capital that will leave you wanting more for the next time you visit. The accesses are easy to reach, beautiful, with an incredible history and suitable for all tastes, as well as being close to Barcelona.

So if you are thinking about what to do on your return to the city, these three plans will delight you, not only for its fame, but also for its art, history, culture and gastronomy. If not, take a look at our blog and discover more ideas. As you know, Barcelona and its surroundings are full of charm and attraction for many reasons, but you have to come here to really experience them. Te animamos a investigar nuestra web y descubrir todo lo que no conocías sobre Barcelona.

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