We tell you the real history of speakeasies

To you, lover of good bars and good taste. To you, who know that a warm drink relaxes the mind and soothes the heart, and a cool drink cheers the soul. You, who always want more. Today we want to talk to you about a topic you probably didn’t know about, but you’ll love to discover: the true history of the speakeasy. Does it sound like Chinese to you? Yes, the word is strange, but the curious anecdote of where the name comes from is not, and in fact it’s about as original as you’ll ever see.

The true story of the speakeasy

In case you don’t know what speakeasies are, they were speakeasies and speakeasy clubs that sprang up in the United States during the Prohibition era, which lasted from 1920 to 1933. During this period, the sale and consumption of alcohol was prohibited throughout the country, which led to the creation of these secret places where people could buy and drink alcohol illegally.

But the best part of the speakeasy story comes now… the name. The term ‘speakeasy’ originated from the fact that customers had to speak quietly or whisper when entering the place to avoid attracting the attention of the police or possible spies. The speakeasies were located in discreet and secret places, such as basements, behind false walls, in abandoned buildings, in private homes and in commercial premises. They became so famous that when it came to the question “where are we going?”, the name “speakeasy” came up.

This part may sound familiar from the movies, but it actually originated in this story. Speakeasy owners often required a password or secret signal to allow customers in, and had peepholes or trap doors to prevent authorities from discovering them. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? In addition, these places used to have security personnel who were in charge of controlling the access of customers and alerting the police presence. Very filmy!

The speakeasy’s fame preceded them by years

You know what speakeasies are, but did you know that they became very popular during the prohibition era? They became meeting places for people from all walks of life, from the working class to the wealthy elite. In the speakeasy you could find drinks of all kinds, from beer and wine to distilled spirits and cocktails.

Sin embargo, como era de esperar, la vida en los speakeasy no estaba exenta de peligros. The sale and consumption of illegal alcohol led to the emergence of mafias and gangs that controlled the distribution of alcohol and protected the speakeasy. In addition, police raids were common and could result in arrests, fines and confiscations.
Finally, in 1933, Prohibition was abolished and alcohol became legal again in the United States. These bars quickly disappeared, but the legacy and history of the speakeasy lives on as a symbol of rebellion and secrecy during the prohibition era. An incredible story, isn’t it? If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re really interested, so if you want to know more shocking stories, don’t hesitate to visit our blog.

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