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If you are one of those people who think that eating is not just a necessity, but a pleasure, who believe that tasting new dishes should be done every day and who believe that you have a perfect palate for any type of gastronomy, then you are in the perfect place. At Vida Mona we know what you like, that’s why in our blog you will always find great and curious ideas full of magic, flavours and, of course, pleasure. Today, we’d like to show you one of our favourite dishes: The Butcher Society’s beef brisket and everything you need to know about this famous delicacy.

What is The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam?

In case you didn’t know, The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam is a piece obtained from the needle area, very tender and marbled and, of course, with a high fat infiltration, which gives the impression that it is a piece of high BMS Japanese wagyu.

It is one of the most sought-after pieces for grilled or barbecued fillets or even for stews. On the other hand, it has also been widely used for meat fondues, cut into cubes or sliced for stone grilling.

It is a piece of high quality and exceptional flavour that is served vacuum-packed, either as a half piece of 1.1 kg or as a whole piece of approximately 2.2 kg.

The Butcher Society’s beef brisket is particularly famous for its tender texture, juiciness and incredible flavour. And we can proudly say that it is one of our great attractions in any of our restaurants.

Why is The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam so famous?

The truth is that the fame of The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam is due to several factors:

  • Sabor único: La alimentación natural a base de pasto y la cría en condiciones favorables influyen en el sabor de la carne de vaca de The Butcher Society . Su perfil de sabor intenso, rico y distintivo hace que sea muy apreciada por los amantes de la carne.
  • Quality and tenderness: The Butcher Society’s beef is characterised by its exceptional tenderness due to the marbling of fat that runs through it. This gives it a soft and juicy texture, making it a gastronomic dish much appreciated by chefs and discerning diners alike.
  • Unique and incomparable texture: Our chefs ensure that it is always presented exactly as the customer wants it, but just the same, The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam is known for the fact that no matter where it is made, it is always perfect and its texture is unequalled.
  • Gastronomic recognition: The Butcher Society’s beef has gained recognition in the gastronomic world and has become a featured ingredient in many fine dining restaurants. Renowned chefs use this cut to create innovative dishes and highlight its unique gastronomic qualities.

As you will have seen, its fame has spread thanks to the recognition of chefs and the demand from lovers of high quality meat, and what better way to come to Barcelona than to stop off at La Terraza de Anna’ or ‘Vibra Speakeasy’ and try this delight for the palate? Take advantage of the opportunity and order The Butcher Society’s cow’s dam, we assure you that you won’t regret it..

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